2 Hour DYI Project - Bird Feeder

If you're in the mood for a diy wood project, this two-hour birdhouse project will be the perfect one to do. You'll end up with a cute decoration to hang in your yard, plus it will attract some birds and give them some good food to eat. This is also a great diy wood project to make if you're just starting out with woodworking. Plus, you can save a lot of money by making your own birdfeeder since they tend to be quite costly at the store. It should only cost around $30 to make, or less if you already have some of the materials laying around. This is one of the great diy ideas you can try that will make good use of any scrap wood and other items that you have in your home or garage. You can build this diy birdhouse from pine boards or pressure treated lumber if you want the feeder to be resistant to rot. The only thing about using treated lumber is that you'll have to wait until it completely dries out to paint it which can take up to two weeks. For the feeder part of the birdfeeder, you can use a recycled glass bottle like a wine bottle or a liquor bottle. Then you just need a drinking glass that has a flat base which you can find at a thrift store or the dollar store, or maybe you have one that you can use.

One of the most important things when it comes to this diy idea is making sure that the bottle is secured in place properly, so it doesn't get knocked out of place. It could cause a big mess of broken glass and bird seed. On the Family Handyman, they used 3/8 inch adhesive rubber weatherstrip to keep the bottle in place which you can find at any home improvement store. You'll also need a dowel, bottle caps, mirror clips, screws, a bucket, hot glue, and your tools. You can cut all of the pieces of the birdfeeder to match the size of bottle you have. You just cut the sides to the height of your bottle and glass together and on 2 inches. Then you cut a circle in one of the boards that will hold the bottle upside down. Next, you attach the sides of the birdfeeder to the base with the circle in it. Once that is together, you can add on the roof of the feeder with screws and screw the braces to the sides. Then you'll cut the adhesive rubber weatherstripping and attach that to the inside of the braces.

The glass is attached to the base of the diy feeder with the mirror clips and will catch the seed falling from the bottle. You even make tiny little bar stools out of the wooden dowels and the bottle caps which is so cute and perfect for the birds to land on. You can then paint the feeder if you like or put a coat of polyurethane on it to protect it from the weather. Lastly, you'll fill up the bottle with some bird seed and place it upside down in the hole meant to hold it. Then you can place it anywhere in your yard you like. Placing your birdfeeder near a window or your patio will be best so you can see the birds come up to enjoy it. Squirrels may get at the feed too though so just keep that in mind. It's great how many diy ideas and diy wood projects you can make using recycled wood and other items. You can find more diy ideas and diy wood projects like this on the Family Handyman website.***

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