A Must See 129 Sq. Ft. Little Adorable Log Cabin, Click for Floor Plan!

This adorable 129 square foot small log home plan would make the perfect weekend getaway. Imagine spending time in this charming wood cabin with its handcrafted logs, front covered patio and possibly a living roof like the one in the photo. The handcrafted logs in this small log home plan are what sets it apart from other log home builds. Handcrafted wood cabins are when the logs used in the log house design still look like the natural log with its natural shape still intact. The only alteration of the handcrafted log used in the home is in the removal of the outer bark layer and some of the inner bark layer. What makes a handcrafted wood cabin more beautiful, is the character and the uniqueness of each log used, and this unique quality can be seen in the finished log house construction. The living roof that you see in this wood cabin design does more than just look good. A green roof or living roof has many benefits at from economic, social and ecological. A green roof or living roof provides a rainwater buffer, helps to purify the air, reduces the ambient temperature, saves energy, regulates the indoor temperature, and encourages biodiversity in the city. The living roof is part of the climate-proof style of construction. Living roofs seem to make people feel happier being in a green environment rather than in gray surroundings. The following are just some of the benefits of green and living roofs.

Green roof help to absorb rain water by the water buffering into the plants, substrate and the drainage layer. This absorption helps to delay the discharge of rainwater into the sewage system, purifies the rainwater, and the water also evaporates through the plants. All of these benefits help to stabilize the groundwater level, which lessens the peak load on the sewage system and helps to reduce the risk of flooding. Green roofs purify the air as the plants in the green roof layer filter particulate matter from the air and convert the CO2 into oxygen. Green roofs also reduce the ambient temperature because plants absorb sunlight with about 50 percent being absorbed and 30 percent being reflected. This helps to create a cooler and more comfortable climate. This is also a benefit to indoors climates as it means people have to use less air conditioning, which is good for energy savings and also to help the environment. This means a there is about a 3C temperature reduction in the city making life much more comfortable for everyone.

Another of the benefits of green roofs is that they increase solar panel efficiency because they reduce the temperature on the roof. And because of the cooler roof, the efficiency of the solar panels is higher, therefore reducing your overall energy costs. Green and living roofs help to Reduce ambient noise in the city both inside and outside.

A green roof and living roofs act as a sound barrier to your house or building. It helps to absorb sound and provides a barrier and a quieter environment. A living roof protects the roofing materials from the external influences such as the rain, the wind, the sun, and temperature fluctuations and doubles or triples the life span of the roof by up to 60 years or even longer. So while the initial investment on a green roof might cost you more on your roof you will recoup that cost You will arrive within 8 to 21 years. Green roofs also add value to your wood cabin.

This wood cabin is just one of the log house designs you will find on the Mehrer Block Haus site. You will find wood cabins big and small on this site. **

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