Charming Tiny House Built For Only $1,500

Check out this charming tiny house that was built for only $1,500. Even though it's not technically a treehouse in the sense that it's not built in a tree, it is elevated above ground with all of the trees, so it is a treehouse in essence. A couple built this treehouse for their two sons to use as a place to hang out and bring their friends. It's a pretty incredible small house design too, and could even be used as a guest house or a cool rental on Airbnb. The tiny house building project was built kind of like a deck with an eight by 12 platform and the small house design being 8 feet by 8 feet. To keep waste low, they chose those dimensions since they are standard lumber lengths. You could make your own and make it larger, that's just what they decided to do for now. They do have plans to build another level with another room so that the kids can have sleepovers. Before the tiny house building process could begin, they had to create a clear path through the woods on their property first. They chose an area that had larger trees, and that was on a slight incline.

The tiny house treehouse is reached by a ladder, and there is a lovely little porch outside with a railing for safety. They decided to use dark brown for their small house design so that the tiny house would blend in with the trees surrounding it. They went with a metal siding from Galvalume, and it's 26 gauge, 12-inch striated rib in Burnished Slate if you are curious about the specifications for your own tiny house building project. The couple sketched out all of their small house design ideas and measurements on graph paper and then just went for it, building their son's tiny treehouse from the ground up. You can also see that they went with a shed roof on the tiny house which gives it a modern look, and they used a sliding barn door for the door to the treehouse which is pretty cool. Inside, there is a charming, comfortable daybed which they made out of 2 twin air mattresses stacked on top of each other. When the kids want to have a camp out up there, they can take the beds apart and put them on the floor.

They also added a beautiful coffee table that holds two hammocks and lots of books and comics. There are also little tables that hold books and other items. They made good use of the studs inside the tiny house, and instead of finishing the walls, they left them open so the studs could be used as shelving. They painted the wood with chalkboard paint on one side too so the kids could draw all over the walls as they wanted to. If you're thinking about building a tiny house or a tree house like this that's elevated off the ground it might be a good idea to contact deck builders if you want it built for you. You could also look into people who built custom playsets or treehouses in your area. This couple was able to do everything themselves by researching and learning as they went along which you could do too. There are even some great tiny house building videos online that you can watch to learn more about building a tree house or a tiny house of your own. Even adults could use a tiny house like this one as a cool studio space or as a little outdoor lounge area.***

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