Clearing And Protection For Empaths With Crystals

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Being highly sensitive causes you to experience the world in a different way. Not only do highly sensitive and highly empathic people pick up on other people's energy and emotions, but they also tend to take it on as their own. Taking on everyone else's energy and emotions is a sign of weak boundaries and a signal that you need to practise more self-care. Highly empathic people can pick up on when someone's energy sad or angry, and they may even feel that anger in their own body. So you can imagine what it would be like to be an empath out in the world picking up on all sorts of energy and emotional states from others. That's why protection and boundaries are so important as well as self-care and spiritual practices if that's something you'd be into. Practicing different spiritual practices and healing techniques will help you stay balanced and healthy so that you can enjoy your life and not be overburdened by other people's energy. Energy Muse Blog shares some of their best tips and spiritual practices for maintaining balance in your life.

You can do some meditation techniques and visualize yourself removing any attachments to other people or other people's energy. You can also visualize a shield that protects you from any outside energy or emotions so that you don't take them all on yourself. It's also great to remember that other people's emotions are their own responsibility and you can help them out simply by listening to them speak and holding space for them to feel what they feel. You don't have to take any of their pain away, just allow them to feel it and let them know it's perfectly okay to feel what they are feeling. You can also use crystals to help you in your practices as well. Black tourmaline is one of the best crystals to use for this purpose of restoring and protecting your energy. It's a great idea to carry one with you at all times, and you can also have one on your desk near your computer since it helps with electromagnetic frequencies.

If you have to prepare for an emotionally stressful situation or if you have to be around a lot of people it's good to get yourself into a good frame of mind before you go into the situation. Take some time before you go in to sit in a quiet space, perhaps your car. You can also say things like "I am protected. or "I am safe." One of the other great crystals you can try for protection and emotional energy is selenite which will help remove any of the unwanted energy from yourself so that your energy is all your own. Black kyanite is another great crystal for highly empathic people. This crystal is said to be like a sword that helps you cut unhealthy ties and will protect you from people who will prey on your kindness. It will also help you understand what is your energy and what is not. You can use kyanite in meditation, or you can wear it in jewelry or carry it in your pocket. You can also use all of these crystals to create a crystal grid with the intention of protection. Just put the crystals in a formation you like best and then leave it there for a few days. It's also important to learn how to set healthy boundaries and to learn how to say no to people when they are asking for too much or if you're taking on their energy or emotions. Check out all of the tips and spiritual practices on Energy Muse Blog.***

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