DIY Wine Crate Cabinet

If you like the chance to be creative and enjoy diy crafts for home, this is a project to do you are sure to love. This diy idea for a wine crate cabinet is a great addition to your renovated bathroom or could be used overtop your gardening table or office desk. In the photos you can see the lovely job that was done, finished with the perfect shade of blue. The wine crate cabinet in the photos is going to be used in a bathroom to hold toothbrushes and accessories. This diy idea is an inexpensive project to do, that is fairly easy on the skill level. For the diy craft for home you'll want to start off with two wine crates that you can pick up at the package store for just a couple of dollars each. They keep these wine crates in the back so you'll have to ask an employee for them. The materials you will need for this diy idea include two wine crates, a drill, screwdriver, hammer, some paint or stain, poly, a brush, some wood glue, clamp, screws, a couple of mending plates, eight corner braces, two utility hinges, magnet plate and strike and knob. This sounds like a lot of stuff but most of it is quite inexpensive and you may alread have some of the materials somewhere in your house. For the full step by step tutorial with photos you will want to take a look at the Number Fifty Three site.

To start you will want to put one of the wine crates aside and then carefully dismantle the other wine crate. For this step you can use a straight screwdriver and a hammer. Once this step is done, remove the nails and the staples. Depending on your wine crate you might discard the bottom of the crate and use the four sides for this project to do if they seem to be in the best shape. You will want to take a look at your wine crate and see which sides work best. Once that is done you can take the two longer sides and glue them together. In the step by step tutorial you can see that rubber bands were used to hold them together while they dry.

Next, you want to paint or stain both the intact crate and the crate that you took apart. For this diy craft for home a combination of General Finishes Clear Glaze and Corinth Blue Paint were used. Just mix a bit of the paint into some of the glaze and then apply like a stain.) And for this diy idea all of the crate pieces were given a coat of poly since the cabinet would be in a heavy use area. And because the two longer pieces were glued together, mending plates were added for security since this will end up being the door of the bathroom cabinet. I simply screwed on two mending plates to secure. Note you may need to buy shorter screws for this diy idea depending on the thickness of the your wood in the crate. The two shorter sides of the crate will become your shelves. So attach the corner braces, first to the piece of wood and then you want to attach them accordingly into the cabinet box. For the full step by step tutorial with photos for this diy idea and diy craft for home you will want to take a look at the site.

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