For Cozy Warmth on Cold Days and Cool Summer Nights, This Outdoor Fireplace Is Perfect!

Having an outdoor fire pit or a fireplace is a great addition to any home design. If you've been thinking about putting in a permanent fire pit or fire place into your backyard landscape, look no further, because Next Luxury has some serious home design inspiration for us. You don't even have to pay to have your fire pit installed when you can find diy ideas online and make your own outdoor fire pit all on your own. Fire pits are known to create an essence of magic wherever they're placed, and you're sure to have a good time when you're sitting around the fire pit or a fireplace. There's something so exciting about gathering the wood to make the perfect fire, chopping it up to create the tinder and kindling and then getting it going with logs. The glow of the fire is so romantic and comforting too. The smell is intoxicating as well, and the dancing flame is mesmerising. You can just look into the flames of a fire or the hot burning coals for hours while talking with your friends.

Having a fire is a great way to spend time together instead of watching TV or movies. You get to look up and see the millions of stars in the sky as well which is pretty amazing all on its own. Think of all the nice fires you've had in your lifetime, they probably always concluded a great day. You may even remember roasting marshmallows over the fire to create the ever so famous s'mores. Or maybe popping popcorn over the fire instead for a salty snack. When we think about it, it's pretty amazing to consider the fact that people have been sitting around fires for thousands of years ever since man discovered fire. Think of all the different people who have gathered around fires to make food, to gather and to enjoy eachother's company. Maybe you even enjoy singing campfire songs around your fire pit which is a very fun thing to do with a group of people. People have also been singing around the fire for centuries.

No matter if you enjoy s'mores, singing or dancing around the fire, you're going to love looking through these 70 awesome fire pit and outdoor fireplace designs. When it comes to do it yourself projects, the easiest kind of fire pit you can create would have to be out of bricks or stones. You can find some bricks at your local hardware store and they may even have some specifically for creating fireplaces. You simply stack the bricks in a circular form until the pit is deep enough for the fire. You want it to be deep enough and well blocked off from the wind so the fire can have a chance to build and burn. Then you can even put a grate over the opening so you can cook food on your fire. You can also build your own square shaped fire pit which may be a bit easier with the rectangular style bricks. You can just simply stack them, or you can use some mortar to hold them in place. Another way to build a fireplace is to make one out of earth. You can use clay mixed with water and hay to create a beautiful cob style oven like they used to make in the past. These are great for making food and for enjoying as a fire pit. Like some of the other designs in this collection, you could also use a metal drum for your fire pit. There are so many great ideas here, which is your favorite one?***

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