Garage Turned Into Gorgeous Tiny House

Most often garages are used to shelter vehicles and maybe also act as a storage space or a workshop. Well, it turns out that there are more ways to use your garage than just as a storage space. You could do as this Portland couple did and transform your garage into a tiny house. Jenny and Micheal had a garage, but unfortunately, it was too small for their car. So they got creative and worked on making it a place where small house living would be possible. They turned the garage into a space that could be rented out to become a source of income for them. They mainly rent the space our on Airbnb, but it would also make a great rental unit for a student or a single person. The space is only 350 square feet, but they really made the most out of it by adding a bedroom, a bathroom and a living room as well as a kitchen. This tiny house actually has enough space to sleep up to 3 people comfortably so it could be great for a couple to live in or stay in while they are visiting Portland. Their house is located in a very convenient area of the city which makes it perfect for tourists and travellers. The couple kept their small house design as sustainable as possible by using as many reclaimed materials they could get their hands on. This is a great way to build any tiny house or to do any project you're thinking of doing. Finding reclaimed materials is as easy as checking out the buy and sell websites online or groups in your area. You could also go to estate sales and auctions where you can find a lot of really great stuff.

Since you're building a smaller home, you don't need as many materials either, so it's easier to find a little bit of each material and put it to good use. This also helps to keep the cost of the small house renovation low as well since even tiny houses can cost a lot to build if you are building them using all new materials. For Jenny and Micheal, they were in luck since they had an old shed in their yar that they were able to use some of the materials from. They used some of the materials for trim and shelves in the new tiny house. They used flooring and siding left over from high-end construction jobs, so they were able to get great flooring for less. The windows were salvaged from an old horse farm, and the stove and fridge came from the Hood River History Museum. You can see other various details throughout the house that were created from salvaged materials. Like the kitchen drawers made from wooden fruit crates, and a table made from an old door.

The couple was able to build the tiny house between October 2012 and January 2013 with the help of their friends. You can stay at their cute little tiny house for only $130 per night, and it would be a great way to experience small house living while getting a taste of Portland. They do have a three-night minimum though. This would be a great inspiration for people who want to build a small house of their own on a foundation or have an accessory dwelling to rent out to generate some extra income. You can check out more photos of this cute little house from Boredom Therapy and maybe you'll even consider turning your garage into a tiny house as this couple did.***

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