Get This Bohemian House To Roll And Go To Your Favourite Escape Place For Only $20,000

New tiny houses are being built all around the world as the tiny house movement becomes more and more popular. People are also building their tiny houses on wheels more luxurious than ever too, which can result in some pretty expensive builds. Some tiny houses go up to $100,000 or more, which may be out of some people's budgets. Building a tiny house of your own doesn't have to cost a lot of money, and you can stick to a budget if you need to. Angela and Hydrect, a young couple, show that this is possible with their cute tiny house on wheels that they were able to build for only $20,000. The couple decided that their first home could be a tiny house since a small house design would best suit their lifestyle. They had their tiny house on wheels built for them by JM Designs Builds in Broadview, Ohio and together they created the Bohemian Escape that was built in only six days. The tiny house on wheels was purchased twice, and the most recent price on the home was $49,000. It's hard to tell what the tiny house market is though since it's all so new and even appraisers are still catching up to the idea of small house design. If you're thinking about building a tiny house as a fun project or an investment to sell, it's best to get an appraiser in at the end of your build to determine what the entire project cost.

The exterior of the small house design is done in a very beautiful deep blue with a pop of lime green on the door. If you're building a tiny house on wheels of your own, it's fun to be adventurous with your colour choices. Since tiny houses on wheels are already out of the box, painting them a vibrant colour will be right in line with the essence of small house design. When you see the interior of this small house design, you won't believe that it was built on a budget at all. They used gorgeous subway tile, wood siding and added fun touches like a cute chandelier. The kitchen is very stylish and functional with a granite-style countertop and custom cabinets with a pop of turquoise blue in the centre. They made good use of vertical space throughout the home for storage and displaying artwork. The kitchen also features a large double-basin sink, and there is a cooktop as well. Some people opt to go with full-sized appliances if they cook a lot while other go with the smaller ones to save money and space.

This small house design also has two lofts on either end of the house. One is their bedroom with a mattress and windows all the way around, and the other one is a great little music lounge where they can play instruments. The bathroom is really amazing as well with a full-sized bathtub, shower, and an RV toilet as well as a large pedestal sink with a medicine cabinet. If you are considering building a tiny house on wheels of your own and you need to stick to a tight budget, this small house design will be a very big inspiration to you to see how you can create a gorgeous and functional tiny house for a low price. Have a look at all of the photos of this tiny house on wheels and see what you think of it and then check out more tiny houses on wheels on the Tiny Houses website for even more tiny house inspiration and ideas for building your own.***

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