How the Mind Can Cure the Body

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The power of mind healing can be used to heal the body. The body is a holographic projection of your own consciousness. You can indirectly influence that hologram and have control of the physical health of the human body and mind healing the human body. If you want to become healthy, wealthy and wise, thinking your way into success and riches without memory boosters and performance enhancers may be as simple as controlling your positive thoughts. One of the key principles of quantum physics is that thoughts determine your reality. In the early 1900s, they approved this theory beyond a shadow of a doubt. The experiment was known as the double slit experiment. You will want to watch this short video it could change your life and thoughts about mind healing.

The Double Slit Experiment. To understand this experiment about mind healing and energy healing, you will first have to see how particles or little balls of matter act. If you randomly shoot a small object such as a marble at a screen with a slit on it, you will see a pattern on the back wall you will see a pattern on the back wall where the balls hit. If you add a second slit to the screen, you will see a second pattern on the wall where the balls hit. Next, you will want to look at waves. Waves hit the slit in this experiment and radiate out and strike the back wall with the most intensity directly in line with the slit. The line on the back screen shows that intensity, which is similar to the line that the marbles make. If you add a second slit to the screen, something different happens. If the top of one wave hits the bottom of the second wave, they cancel each other out. So now there you will find an interference pattern on the back wall. When you throw things, such as matter such as two slits you, you get two bands of hits. With waves, you get an interference pattern of many bands.

Now to relate this to quantum physics. An electron is a tiny, tiny bit of matter, such as a tiny marble. Now think about the one slit, it acts just as the marble does by making a single band, or with two slits two bands. But with electrons rather than getting the two bands, you get an interference pattern. The electrons make a pattern like the waves, unlike the little marbles. You might wonder why the electrons, unlike the marbles, make an interference pattern like the waves. The reason for this result is that the electrons are bouncing off of one another, which in turn creates the interference pattern. Next, in the experiment, the scientists shoot the electrons through one at a time to see what happens. The results of an hour of shooting the electrons through the slit create the same interference pattern. When scientists observed the electrons more closely with a measuring device at the two slits, they realized that the electron went back to the two bands. The very act of measuring which slit it went through, it went back to a pattern of two bands and not an interference band. This is because the electron was aware it was being watched and acted differently. You will want to watch this amazing video to see how this relates to energy healing, mind healing, chi energy and more.

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