Now you can buy a tiny house on Amazon for $46,900

Are you considering making the switch to small house living? Or maybe you just want to build a tiny vacation home for yourself and your family. Instead of building your tiny house or cabin from scratch, you can actually build a very affordable prefabricated tiny house that you can buy from Amazon. You can buy pretty much anything from Amazon these days including tiny houses. This tiny house design is 1108 square feet with 712 square feet on the main level and 396 square feet upstairs. This kit comes from a company called Allwood that sells their tiny house kits through These kits make building a tiny house simple since all of the materials are included in the kit. All you have to do is hire a contractor to build the tiny house for you, and you'll be able to use it in no time. The walls in this cabin are 2 inches to 3/4 inch with a dual tongue and groove pattern. The ridge height is 15.11 feet high giving the interior a nice high ceiling. These tiny houses could also be used as a retail space or an office, even as a rental unit for travellers. What's great about this particular design is that it would look great in most urban areas with all the other modern style homes. Many of the other wood cabins might not fit in since they are suited for rural or camping use. Also, the floor plans and designs for all of their tiny houses can be customized to be a full-time residence as well.

For areas with colder climates, you can also opt for the Extra Wall Insulation Package that they offer for an additional price. This would be a good thing to include if you are going to live in it year round or you want to use it all four seasons. Because of the size and the height of this particular unit, building a tiny house like this one should be done by a professional contractor. Depending on where you live, they might even be able to come out and do some of the installation for you. The cabin comes with all of the Nordic Spruce wall materials, the roof materials and floorboards. They also come with the pre-hung and glazed doors and windows, and all of the hardware used to put it together. So that would include all of the nails, handles, screws, and door locks. The items that you'll have to get when you're building a tiny house from their company is all of the roofing shingles to finish the roof as well as the foundation materials. You will have to have the foundation set before the tiny house can be built. Those two components will cost around $650 to $1,200 depending on what you decide to go with.

When you're ready to order one of these kits you usually will do 10% down right away, then you can pay the rest of the amount before delivery which is usually in 45 to 60 days after you place your order. Building a tiny house can be a lot of work, even though it's a small building. So buying a kit and having it assembled for you will make things so much easier. It may cost you more because you'll need to pay for labour, but in the end, a stress-free experience is priceless. So if you're in the market for a tiny house, you might be interested in this awesome tiny house design. You can also just look at these designs for inspiration if you're building your own from scratch.***

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