These Sleek Prefabs Come With Smart Home Features

This prefab company is just one of the out-of-the-box tiny house designs that are available. Coodo from Hamburg, Germany, shows off its newly completed prefab project, in a 720-square-foot tiny house design called the Coodo 64 installed in Bielefeld, Germany. The unique small house plan has rounded edges which are also seen in the Alupod prefab design concept from Hong Kong and sleek, contemporary fixtures. The Coodo 64 is on the larger end of the companys prefab offerings, which also sells modular prefab pods as small as 100 to 170 square feet. Inside the tiny house design, theres enough room for an open living room space and a kitchen, with a workspace that is off to the side. All of this facing the front glass walls and porch. Theres a separate bedroom and bathroom in this tiny house design, both with built-in storage. All Coodo unique small house plans are designed with passive house strategies, and use mostly recyclable building materials, and are outfitted with smart home features such as app-controlled lighting and temperature control. Since the first Coodo prefab was installed in Switzerland in February 2015, the prefab company has built more than a dozen around the world. Coodos can either serve as your primary or secondary residences and are also offered as plain shells, and come fully furnished, or somewhere in between. The estimated costs for these unique small house plans are upon request. You'll want to watch a video of the prefab installation.

Simply put, the Coodo is a frame that has nicely rounded corners and stabilizing sturdy walls that are constructed of heavy glass. The prefab design has all of its heating, cooling and power systems all neatly concealed within the flooring, the ceiling, and the inner walls of the tiny house design. With your selected prefab model, you can choose from a variety of options and they install it. After all, youre not buying a Coodo prefab to deal with the little details, but rather to enjoy the bigger picture of this unique small house plan. The architects who created the prefab tiny house design knew this and went above and beyond to create a simple product that is beautiful, practical, and good. You can choose your fabrics, colors, and details and let them do the rest. So when you move into your Coodo tiny house design, everything matches everything else and more importantly, the design matches you. Now your new life can begin. The future of prefab designs is here.

The Coodo tiny house design is expandable. The Coodo's unique small house plan allows you to expand your living space by simply connecting one or more additional prefab units to your current coodo tiny house design. The Coodo prefab tiny house design is mobile. You can choose to live in or close to locations that you desire and relocate your prefab whenever you want all the while maintaining the same comfort and familiarity of your prefab home. The Coodo tiny house design is sustainable. The prefab tiny house design and construction help to minimize the energy consumption by utilizing the energy-efficient systems and the building materials. And the Coodo unique small house plan is accessible. They have a smart home system that is already installed in the prefab design so you can control the prefab units shutters and the lights directly from your smartphone.

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