Why Everyone Is Obsessed With This Healing Crystal

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There are so many beautiful healing crystals out there so it takes time to get to learn about and know all of the qualities of each of them and how they can help you. One of the crystals that people are talking a lot about lately is labradorite which has become very popular recently. So why is this crystal so popular? Well, take a look at a piece of labradorite, and you'll be able to see right away how magical of a stone it is. You'll notice that labradorite has a gorgeous glow to it, almost like the aurora borealis which Inuit people believed the stones came from. There are Inuit legends that say labradorite crystals come from the sky and are fallen pieces of the crystal. When you move it around under the light, you'll immediately start to see all of the amazingly different colours in the stone from blue, to gold and green. There are also nice shades of grey and sometimes even pink and purple hues in some labradorite crystals too. When the stone is just sitting out of the light, it may appear to be black or dark blue though.

The website And Zen Some shares some of the healing benefits of labradorite including its ability to help calm and soothe the nervous system and to help eyesight. It's also great for protection and emotional balance so it's really a crystal that should be in every crystal collection. Highly sensitive people will really benefit from labradorite since it's a great protector. It will help offset some of the effects that are felt by highly sensitive and highly empathic people. It can also help you to shield any unwanted energy from your space and yourself. Labradorite is also a crystal of spiritual evolution. It helps you listen to your own intuition and to come into alignment with the Universe. Plus, it can also help you to open your Third Eye Chakra which helps with inner knowing and feeling. You can even have labradorite to help you with your unresolved emotions and getting to the root of your issues. Meditating with some labradorite will bring you a lot of peace and relaxation and wearing it will help you feel grounded and protected all the day through.

You may even notice this crystal in other places besides jewelry and tumbled healing crystals. People are making countertops out of labradorite which would be pretty amazing to have in a bathroom or even a kitchen. Imagine floor tiles made out of labradorite too. There is even a paint colour from Sherwin Williams called "Labradorite." So not only can you wear labradorite and have it around your home, but you could also have your home decorated with it if you love it a lot. To find labradorite you can order some from an online crystal store, or you can search for crystal stores in your area and pick one out in person. The key to choosing healing crystals for yourself is to tune into your intuition and feel out each of the crystals you come into contact with. Some of the crystals will stand out to you and call to you which will make it apparent that they will be the ones to help you through whatever you're going through. Then, you can bring them home or carry them with you wherever you go to get the best healing benefits from them. There are also some places where you can dig for crystals and find them in the earth which is where they are created. Check out more information on labradorite and other healing crystals from And Zen Some.***

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