You'll Be Blown Away by the Cozy Interior of This 210 Sqft. Tiny Home

The Latibule is a tiny cabin on wheels that has all sorts of features. This spectacular custom build is on the highest end of the Modern Tiny Living's 20-foot models. This is because the Latibule is a fully solar, off the grid small cottage home. Not only that, but the Latibule's has a beautiful glass garage door to let in natural light, along with plenty of fresh air. The garage door has a diamond plated steel covering that folds down into a quaint deck, making for an outdoor space to enjoy your morning coffee, and to hang out with family and friends. YOu will want to take a look for yourself at all the Latibule has to offer.

The Latibule is a beautiful small cottage home both inside and out. This tiny cabin on wheels offers everything you need for comfortable small house living. The small cottage home has 210 square feet of space and is built on a 20-foot custom tiny house trailer foundation. The small cottage home has custom six by six black/glass insulated garage door, with a fold down spring loaded deck, and front entrance with stoop on tongue. Outside this small cottage home is rustic exterior lighting. Inside there is vinyl wood flooring with cork underlay and a custom barn door bathroom entry. The tiny cabin on wheels has pine siding with a ten-year warranty and Anderson double paned windows. The small cottage home has premium cabinets and shiplap interior walls. The countertops are brown maple; there is also a barn door and shelves. Inside you will find galvanized pipe handles and fixtures. And outside there is a metal roof with a 40-year warranty. This small cottage home comes with full solar panel system, hybrid electric (both on and off grid), with four panels and four batteries. There is plenty of storage inside from the over head kitchen, downstairs closet, and the cabinets around the fridge.

In the kitchen in this small cottage home is a modern sink and faucet, custom reclaimed wood countertops with removable sink cutting board, a three top propane stovetop, a 90 cubic foot top load refrigerator. The bathroom has Nature's Head spider handle composting toilets, a side faucet sink, a 32 inch by 32-inch shower. The small cottage home has a propane tankless water heater, an 11,000 BTU propane heater, 50 amp plug in, and 20-gallon gray water run-off water tank. The insulation in this small cottage home is sprayed foam with three inches for the walls, ceilings and floor. The price for this small cottage home is $69,000 for a brand new tiny cabin on wheels model.

One of the biggest reasons for people to go with a tiny cabin on wheels is for the minimalist way to live your life. Many people are starting to reject the keeping up with the Joneses way of thinking. The average person keeps trying to go bigger with everything in their lives from their homes, their cars, and their material possessions. And as a result, they are stretching their budgets, and their work lives, while not leaving enough time to do the things that really matter. People are sacrificing experiences with their families or themselves for paying off big mortgages and new vehicles. A new generation of people, both young and old, are starting to take notice of the value of minimizing their lives to help maximize their experiences and freedom. And tiny cabins on wheels, small cottage homes and small house living are a great option to think about. You will find the Latibule on the Modern Tiny Living site. On the site, you will find other tiny cabins on wheels to choose from. **

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